Upcoming Events

March 7th: Guest Worship Leader: Jair Gonzalez from Freedom Church in Chatsworth Ca. He is the writer of the songs "You are Faithful" and "Your Plants Are Always Good." He has been to  LFC in the past. He will be live at our 8 AM service online & at our outdoor venue at 10:45 AM.

March 14th: Guest Speaker John Amstutz will be with us live online at 8 AM and live in our outdoor venue at 10:45 AM.

March 21st: Guest Worship Leaders and Team: The talented, amazing, young leaders from New Hope Christian College in Eugene, Oregon, will be with us! They will be live at our 8 AM service online & at our outdoor venue at 10:45am

March 21st: Kids Content: We will have LFC Kids content going live at 3 PM online. We have produced our own in-house kids content over the past 11 months. It is our way of having our kids stay connected with familiar faces from LFC. 

Palm Sunday, March 28th: Guest Worship Leader: Sean Beck. He is a talented guitarist and recording artist who has been to LFC numerous times over the past years. 

Good Friday Service: April 2nd: 6pm online and on-demand.

Easter Services, April 4th: Our theme is RENEWED HOPE. We will be online at 8 AM, and live at our 10:45 AM outdoor venue with music, drama, teaching and more. 

Easter Drive-Thru Celebration: From 3:30 PM to 5 PM we will be having an Easter Drive-Thru with games, fun and a special Easter gift!     

Glimpse of the past

LFC is proud to be so involved in our community events, as well as, put  on our own. Take a look at what we have been a part of these last couple of months! If you would like to see more click here.

LFC Kids launch

January 12, 2020 we got to celebrate a New Year and a New Season as we launched LFC Kids. We had a day full of food, games, prizes, obstacle courses and so much more. LFC loves our kids and strives to provide a safe and fun environment for them to -Decide to follow Jesus, Discover a growing relationship with God, and Develop their gifts and talents. 

Christmas Eve

This Christmas Eve we held a candle lit service to celebrate the Birth of Jesus Christ. We got too see a great skit, and snow fall after each service! What a fun time - can't wait until Christmas 2020!

Children's christmas musical

LFC Kid's put a lot of hard work and dedication into their musical "The Power of the K.I.N.G.". Our kids and volunteers never cease to amaze us!