COllective Young Adults

We will be launching again soon. In the meantime we have places and spaces for you to come and connect,
use your gifts and talents and make a difference. 

WHat are we about?

We desire to help young adults connect and grow passionately in love with Jesus! We do this by sharing a meal together every other week before gathering for worship and a message. We desire to reach out as well as develop within. We reach out by going beyond the walls, displaying the love of Jesus to those around us. Whether it's by giving out donut holes & coffee at the community college campus, or giving hygiene bags to the homeless. We develop from within by creating room for people to use their gifts and talents to serve God and others. We want to see them take the good news of Jesus to their friends, classmates, parents, and their co-workers! 


We are passionate about building relationship with God and each other. That doesn't always look like sitting in the four walls of the church, sometimes that looks like going to the beach or on a hike! 

SOcial Media

To stay connected, follow us on instagram @collective.lfc . Here we will keep you updated with what is going on and all of our upcoming events!