Join a online zoom small group today!

We have created Online Zoom Small Groups to help you to connect relationally and grow spiritually. These groups will provide you a time to connect share concerns, pray for each other and are either sermon-based (discussing what was learned from the previous Sunday service) or Devotional (sharing from your daily devotions). 

We have groups everyday of the week that allow you to gather together via zoom providing something beyond the Sunday experience that allows you to be with others.  Join a group this week! Starting the week of April 26, for six weeks.

Listed below are the groups available just copy the email address next to the group you want to participate in and send your leader an email. Your group leader will connect with you and give you the zoom information you need to participate. 

Group Leader                       Meeting Day             Meeting Time            Type of Group                         Email

Dave & Yvonne Church           Monday                         6:30p                      sermon-based

Don & Tania Dunson               Tuesday                          6p                           devotional     

Lyndon & Wendy Olmeda      Tuesday                         7:30p                      sermon-based

Jeff & Lydia Benson              Wednesday                     9a                            sermon-based

Trisha Childs                         Wednesday                     2p                             devotional     

Doug Beecher                        Thursday                        7p                             devotional     

Ehren & Lindsay Carl            Thursday                       12noon                     devotional     

Randy & Lisa Harris               Friday                            4p                            sermon-based

Karl McDonald                       Sunday                           4p                             devotional     

We also offer a LFC Kids meeting:

Malisa Paz                              Tuesday                         2:30p                     kids connection


If you would like further information regarding our small groups or need help, please let us know at or 805.736.2772.