Small Groups are a great way to grow closer to God and develop
relationships with other believers! 

Small Groups

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  • Cancer Journey

    Leader: Ray Milholland, Susan Ur and Kim Thompson     Day: First Thursday of the month    Time: 9:00am

    Location: Connection Cafe

    We are a peer based group reaching out to other in the Lompoc community. Our purpose is to connect with those on a cancer journey by offering community and faith-based support.        

  • Come to the Altar (prayer)

    Leader: Dave and Laurel Barcelona  Day: Thursday    Time: 4:00pm   Location: Sanctuary    Members: Anyone    

  • Men's Bible Study

    Leader: Mike Moore & Eddie Espinoza     Day: Thursday     Time: 6:30pm    
    Location: Connections Café
         Members: Men

    This group is about supporting each other through our daily struggles by seeking God’s direction in the word. 

  • Young Adults MEET UPS

    Leader: Pastor Kaden     Day: Various days    Time: Various times.     Location: Various locations    Members: Young adults ages 18-25

    Check out: Instagram@lfc.youngadults for info.

    Questions: email Pastor Kaden at

  • Special Needs Parents Support

    Leader: Wendy Culver   Contact the church office for details and to get connected. 

  • OPen door

    Leader: Ray Milholland     Day: Wednesday     Time: 6:30pm

    Location: Annex 1

    An informal group of guys growing in community and in faith through conversation and sharing life stories. 

  • El libro de 1 cornitios (Spanish Speakers)

    Leaders: Celia Favela and Melinda Aguirre    Day: Tuesday     Time: 6:00pm

    Location: Annex 1

    La autora y oradora Jennie Allen nos introduce en la vida desordenada de los corintios y nos guía a través de las palabras que Pablo dirigió a una Iglesia en conflicto. Veremos cómo la verdad del evangelio y el Espíritu de Dios nos pueden fortalecer para elegir seguir a Jesús todos los días de nuestras vidas. 


    Leader: Karl McDonald     Day: Thursday     Time: 6:00am

    Location: Connection Cafe

    A study in the book of Ephesians

  • Forensic Faith

    Leaders: Benita Spaulding and Linda Alexander     Day: Wednesday     Time: 9:00am
    Location: Annex 1
    A video based teaching from a previous homicide detective who makes the case for a more reasonable, evidential Christian faith.

  • what the women saw

    Leader: Karen Deming    Day: Wednesday     Time: 6:00pm

    Location: Connection Cafe

    A video based teaching and study where you will discover who Jesus is through the unique perspective of women in the Bible.

  • sunday message conversation

    Leader: Deb Hopper     Day: Sunday    Time 6:30pm

    Location: Annex 1

    Gather to talk about Sunday's message, what God spoke to you and answer additional questions that help us learn more together. 


    Leader: Barney and Lori Dudas     Day: Sunday     Time: 5:00-7:00pm     Location: 604 Colbert Drive

    Members: Military Singles/Couples