Small Groups are a great way to grow closer to God and develop
relationships with other believers! 

Our small groups have been meeting since February 21st and our currently full. We will have new groups listed and available following Easter.   

  • Heart and soul care

    Leader: Laurel Barcelona    Day: Tuesday     Time: 2:00 - 3:00PM     Location: Home Backyard    Duration: 6 weeks     Members: Women, 6 max

    A very small group of women meeting to care for one another through fellowship and prayer, encouraging hearts and souls in God’s scriptural truths of His love.  The book of Ephesians speaks about our identity in Christ, and compels us to live lives that seek to bring glory to God through Jesus. We will walk through the book of Ephesians so that we are “Rooted and established in love!”


  • healing Damaged emotions

    Leader: Tiffani Woodworth    Book: The Twelve Steps, A Spiritual Journey, A working Guide to Healing (purchase at     Day: Wednesday     Time: 6:30 - 8:00PM      Location: Zoom    Duration: 30 weeks    Members: Women, 12 max

    The Twelve Steps-A Spiritual Journey is a 30 week small group with opportunity to do some work on yourself! Designed for deep internal reflection, writing in a workbook and sharing with others, it is the ideal working guide for adults who seek healing from the brokenness of damaged emotions. Through the use of biblical principles, 12 step wisdom and the power of self-disclosure, the workbook becomes a road map on the journey towards lasting change and healing. The path towards wholeness is one of surrender and gently leads the reader to a proper dependence upon God rather than a false trust in self. Members to purchase book prior to meeting.

  • Your Kingdom Come, Your Will Be Done

    Leaders: Dave and Laurel Barcelona     Book: The Lord's Prayer Study (purchase at    Day: Wednesday     Time: 7:00 - 8:00PM    Location: Zoom                Duration: 6 weeks     Members: Adults

    This Small Group will focus on the Lord’s Prayer given by Jesus to his disciples in Matthew 6:6-13.  Jesus shared the Lord’s Prayer to give us a guideline that modeled the important elements of prayer:  to honor God the Father as holy, to worship and praise His name, and to enjoy our reconciled lives in Him now and forever more.  A study book on the Lord’s Prayer will be used; however, the intent is that each will work this study independently. Group time will be spent in prayer and answering questions members have on the study guide. Study guides will be available to purchase from group leaders.


  • Moving from Fear to Freedom

    Leader: Benita Spaulding     Book: Moving from Fear to Freedom: A Woman's Guide to Peace in Every Situation by Grace Fox (purchase on amazon)     Day: Thursday     Time: 6:00 - 7:30PM     Location: LFC     Duration: 10 Weeks     Members: Women, 10 max

    Fear has two sides - an upside and a downside.  The downside is that it can hold us hostage, robbing us of joy and preventing us from experiencing life as God intended.  But the upside can become a catalyst for personal growth and opportunities to know the Lord in a more intimate way. Members to purchase book prior to group meeting.

  • thriving in babylon

    Leaders: Wayne & Rena Maza     Day: Thursday    Time: 7:00 - 8:00PM    Location: Home        Duration: 5 weeks     Members: Couples, 8 max

    This discussion group based on the video series “Thriving in Babylon” by Larry Osborne, uses the Biblical story of Daniel and current real-life stories of people struggling to survive in a godless society. When traditional biblical values are rejected and attacked on every front, it leaves many of us spiritually and culturally disoriented. Join us for a 5-week study as we get into God’s word and learn how we can not only survive, but thrive. Bring your Bible. Video and discussion notes will be provided.



  • Miracles of Jesus (A Study of What Jesus Makes Possible)

    Leader: Linda Alexander    Day: Wednesday     Time: 9:00-10:00AM     Location: LFC              Members: Women, 10 max

    Miracles of Jesus explores all four Gospels. Discover the ways Jesus healed, provided for, calmed, and resurrected the people he encountered. This seven-session study is about believing in the power of God who can accomplish anything. There’s nothing too big or too small for us to bring to him.



  • Men's Bible Study

    Leader: Mike Moore    Day: Thursday     Time: 6:30-7:30PM     Location: LFC     Members: Men, 10 max

    This group is about supporting each other through our daily struggles by seeking God’s direction in the word. 

  • Sermon Based Group

    Leader: Deb Hopper    Day: Sunday     Time: 6:00 - 7:30PM     Location: LFC    Duration: 6 weeks

    Sermon Based Discussion

  • Women of Worth

    Leader: Malisa Paz    Day: Wednesday    Time: 6:00-7:15PM  Location: Connection Building    Members: Women, 12 max

    The goal of this series is to help women identify who they are, based on their unique nature and in the light of God's word. The hope is that each woman who is touched by this series will understand her heavenly Father's unfathomable love for her and that her life has a divine purpose and value.