Daily Bible reading and journaling are simple processes that will improve your daily time with God. You'll need three things to begin journaling: a Bible, a pen/pencil, and a journal. Set aside a certain time in your schedule each day and find a quiet place where you are not likely to be distracted. Make it an important part of your day. We encourage you to use the part of the day when you are most productive and receptive. 

You can download Daily Bible Reading Plan by clicking here!

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Now you are ready to S.O.A.P. 

S is for Scripture Open your Bible to the reading found under today's date on your Bible bookmark. Do your reading and allow God to speak to you. Highlight, underline or in some other manner, place a mark in your Bible next to the Scripture that stands out. When you are done with that portion of your reading, reread the scriptures you have marked, look for one that particularly spoke to you that day, and write it in your journal. Helpful Hint: If you are having difficulty understanding what you've read, you might find that a study Bible with notes is useful.  O is for Observation  What speaks to your heart? What do you think God is saying to you in this Scripture? Ask the Holy Spirit for help and to reveal Jesus to you through the passage. Paraphrase and rewrite this Scripture down in your journal.  A is for Application  Personalize what you have read, by asking yourself how it applies to your life at this time. Perhaps it is instruction, encouragement, revelation of a new promise or correction for a particular area of your life. Write how this Scripture can apply to you today. P is for Prayer This can be as simple as asking God to help you use this Scripture, or it may be you asking for insight on what He may be revealing to you. Remember, prayer is a two-way conversation, so be sure to listen to what God has to say. Now, write it out.