We are a group of real people, living in a very real world with a very real God who relates with us in very real grace. We are a church very involved in our city through acts of service, feeding the under-resourced, partnering with our police and fire departments in special annual events, and doing all we can to add value to our town, our area and our world. We are changing where we live, one life at a time and always reaching out beyond our walls.

Below are some statements that address the heart of our church:

  • Love God - Love People Serve God - Serve People
  • People Matter to God and they Matter to us.
  • People must be treated gently and respectfully.
  • People need to be connected to God and a caring community.
  • Caring relationships are the key to the life of every endeavor.
  • Each person has been created to worship God and enjoy His presence.
  • Ministry and evangelism must be carried out in relevant, creative ways to affect lives.
  • Everything we do must be done with excellence.
  • Small groups are essential in causing personal growth. We are growing larger and smaller at the same time.
  • Doing Church as a Team is an effective way of doing ministry and makes room for the gifts and talents that reside within each person.

Every Christian has a God-given ministry which we will encourage and support.Acts of kindness done in Jesus' name will plant seeds in the hearts of recipients.Laughter and joy are an important part of a healthy community.We will live with hearts of generosity towards God and others.