LFC began as an independent church in 1940 when a creative and faith-filled group of people began meeting together. Using biblical teaching, music, and children's and youth programming, they began to reach our community and out to our base - then Camp Cook.

After the founding pastor, Al Waer the 'flying evangelist,' decided to move on, they searched out for a denomination to oversee them. They decided to become a Foursquare Church.

Many wonderful pastors came over the years to lead LFC. In 1986 Pastor Bernie and Debbie Federmann came to pastor LFC. Their dedication, along with their congregation, has committed themselves to the ministry of the Lompoc area and beyond. This has resulted in thousands of salvations, healed and restored lives, stronger marriages and families, support to other churches and missions endeavors (both Foursquare and other denominations), and other worthwhile causes and ministries. Our congregation has continued to grow and this growth has not allowed us to forget each person. We are large enough to celebrate and mobilize for the greater good, but still able to care. LFC desires to become a home away from home for those serving in our military who are stationed at Vandenberg Air Force Base.

While the buildings have changed much in the years since 1940, the heart remains the same. People matter to God. The future is being written now. We are committed to seeing it unfold as we go through life together. There is a place for you!