Beyond Our Walls

Lompoc Foursquare has an ongoing relationship with many organizations that provide service and hope to others and extend God's grace. 


Some of these groups include:

  • Foursquare Missions International
  • New Hope International
  • Feeding and Food Distribution of the under-resourced in our city and Lompoc Food Pantry and Santa Barbara Food Book
  • Lompoc Pregnancy Center
  • Catholic Charities
  • Life Pacific and New Hope Christian Colleges (scholarship funds)
  • Lompoc Police & Fire Departments
  • Lompoc CERT Program
  • Lompoc Schools (various, supplies and athletic programs as well as campus projects) 
  • Provision of Scholarships for Lompoc & Cabrillo Grads desiring to go into ministry, 
  • Vandenberg Air Force Base, Operation Kids Christmas, and various support
  • Church Planting in various locations

(there is no way we can list all those we support outside our walls, but this serves as a tangible reminder that we are living out our calling to Love & Serve)


Our support of these groups coupled with our community service we provide, allow us to live heart-first in front of our community, to our world, and most importantly to individuals who have eternal value.

If you desire to partner with us, you can be a part of the financial support that provides so much for others. 
The goal of our giving is to trust God on deepening levels. We continually challenge ourselves to grow in generosity and service.